Why are you called Access?
Have you noticed that most agents like to use their own names to trade under? We believe that it is our clients names that should be ‘in lights’ . Therefore we chose a name that was easy to remember and a name that would place us at the top of alphabetic sorting (Aardvark Associates didn’t quite have the same ring).

Are you are co-operative agency?

What areas do your clients work in?
We supply artistes to all sectors of the industry. We do not typecast our clients and will send them for work in all sectors they are suitable for.

How would you describe yourselves?
A modern agency for a modern industry. Small enough to know our talent personally and take care of them, yet big enough to make things happen.

I’d like to apply to the agency – who should I contact?
You may apply to us at any time but please bear in mind the following: We will only consider representation if:

  • You are a NEW graduate (or about to be) from a recognised Training School and we can see you in performance soon.
  • You have appeared in a MAJOR National tour or West End production.
  • You have appeared in a MAJOR Television or Film production and have footage we can view.
  • You are an Actor-Musician and play at lease two instruments to a professional standard.

Please note that we do not represent extras.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests we receive, we cannot accept applications that do not meet the above criteria. If you do meet the above criteria and would like to apply for representation, please send a recent photograph and CV preferably by email (post is fine but it will take longer for us to process your application). Address your application to NEW CLIENTS MANAGER, you do not need a name. We will respond to ALL applications providing they have a return email address or, if you send us hard copy then we will only be able to respond if you have enclosed a stamped self-addressed envelope. See our CONTACT US page for further details.

I can’t see my question here.
Please use the email form on the CONTACT US page and send us your question. We will answer you as soon as possible.

We are very proud of our business and our fresh approach to client representation. We are committed to nurturing established artistes as well as up-and-coming talent, and we are constantly pursuing the best theatrical opportunities for our clients.

We work hard to both advise, and advance all of our clients careers and our ethos is simple: A modern agency for the modern industry.

Here are some points we believe set us apart from the rest:

  • Over 20 years experience in the business.
  • We created one of the first fully searchable Websites – Casting directors can enter their required criteria and our database will offer them clients that suit their requirements.
  • Our website has dedicated pages to each client – enabling them to have their own direct page, and for us to present extra photos, CV and biography and multi-media such as Showreels, Voice-overs and recordings.
  • We consider ourselves a career management company – we only work towards our clients selected career path, we don’t ‘mass mail’ CV’s in the hope that some of them get through.
  • Our agents KNOW THE BUSINESS – as part of their job they attend all of the shows currently in production and keep detailed breakdowns of all parts and clients suitability. Agents also dedicate time each week to investigating new theatre, television & film productions so that we are on top of any new developments.
  • Our presentation is second to none – bright, professional CV’s printed with a high quality colour photograph. All CV’s sent via email or web are presented in the same way with full links to our clients own web page.

Commission – we use a simple, easy to understand low-rate structure. We have NO UP FRONT FEES and we are not commission led – in truth we believe that obtaining good work for our clients at a fair and reasonable rate will enable us to have a LONG and happy working relationship with our clients. If you are paying your agent more than 10%, then perhaps you should contact us?

Support We can supply new scripts, monologues and the latest songs to try out and help clients have a well rehearsed portfolio. We can also offer the support of Directors, Pianists and choreographers for that fine tuning. We have a huge database of material available to all our clients.

Here are some points we believe set us apart from the rest:

  • Each one of our clients has been selected for representation based on very strict criteria including talent, training and quality of performance (we only accept artistes we have actually seen in audition or performance, no-one gets in on their CV or photograph alone). All our clients must also pass the ‘Nice Person’ test! Therefore we are confident that we can offer you some of the best artistes available.
  • Extended availability! We will supply you with contact details that will enable you to contact us AT ANY TIME – if you need someone urgently for that last minute casting.
  • Fully searchable website – tell our database what you are looking for and our website will offer you matches to your requirements.
  • We don’t mass mail CV’s -you will only be sent details of clients that definately meet your criteria.
  • Our agents are salary based – the only incentive for them negotiating is for the good of the client – we base all of our negotiating around equity suggestions and we are always fair and reasonable.
  • Ongoing audition technique training – we keep our clients on their toes by asking them to attend regular classes with directors, choreographers and musical directors.
  • Technology – we are not afraid of it – we know our pdf’s from our .docs and can supply you with CV’s and photographs in whatever format you require (even printed and posted!).